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Rambling in the Snow

Naked man wearing a colorful wooden scarf and nothing else

February is sometimes even colder than January (A Frosty Walk in January). At least during my first walk in my birthday suit it was as freezing cold and foggy. There was a lot of snow on the ground. No sun at all when I did my 15 minutes walk. On the pictures below you can see frozen red skin, wide white nature, schemes of bushes, trees and hills in the fog. On the first picture I am checking, if something is already frozen. On the second I am presenting my backside, and on the third I fully dressed wearing a long colorful wooden scarf.

Bare man with woolen scarf in the February snow
I am completely dressed in my long colorful woolen scarf

When I did my second walk in February it had become warmer and most of the snow had melted away. Therefore I did a small hiking tour, which lasted for one and a half hour. 
As on all pictures in this post I am barefoot and stark naked. The first picture shows me sitting on a mossy bare-branched tree. The second in front of a small winter forrest and the third on a wide open field with patches of snow. The sun puts a beautiful warm light on my body.
I really love the final photo from this tour. Beautiful me in the fore leaning on a wooden fence, sunlight and shadows on my cold red skin. Gorgeous lookout over a small lake and open hills in the background.

Man rambling bare in the February snow
What a lovely view

This post is part of Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

For more rambling naked in the snow please refer to A Frosty Walk in January, Ice and Snow or Flowers and Spring in March? and Barefoot and Clothes Free in the December Snow.

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