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Twelve Naked Months Around Europe

Naked under blanket

This series of posts features me in my birthday suit during each and every month of the calendar year from January to December.

The title photo shows me at the beginning of the series. My naked body is hidden under a blanket.

I will start my outdoor adventures in the freezing winter snow and ice of a lake (A Frosty Walk), of wide open fields and landscapes (Rambling in the Snow), and of a highway bridge (Ice and Snow or Flowers and Spring?). Barefoot with cold red skin in the golden light of the winter sun enjoying the peaceful and lonely sceneries of winter.

In spring I am rambling in a city (Naked in the City), hike around a village (Little Walk Around a Village) and a lake, also seducing my photographer (Whenever Wherever Au Naturel). 

In summer I am skinny dipping with three ladies (Skinny Dipping), playing Strip Poker (What can happen if you lose at Strip Poker), giving my cousin a shock by rambling in the buff along the river Rhine (Rambling along the river Rhine), and doing several walks in the fields (Across the Fields and into the Forest and Little Summer Walk)

In autumn I follow a railway line (Clothes Free on a Railway Line) and make some extremely negative human experiences in a lonely forest (Trapped in the Forest). I also experience the loneliness of a marsh (Barefoot and Clothes Free in the Snow).

The Naked Calendar Year includes the following posts:
January: A Frosty Walk
February: Rambling in the Snow
March: Ice and Snow or Flowers and Spring?
April: Naked in the City
May: Little Walk Around a Village
June: Whenever Wherever Au Naturel
July: Skinny Dipping
August: What can happen if you lose at Strip Poker and Across the Fields and into the Forest
September: Rambling along the river Rhine and Little Summer Walk
October: Clothes Free on a Railway Line
November: Trapped in a Forest
December: Barefoot and Clothes Free in the Snow

We have come to the end of this series and the blanket can now be removed under which I had hidden my naked body at the beginning.

Man posing nude in an armchair
Nude photo vintage style

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