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Naked in the City

Stripped to the buff in the city

In April I visited Michelle, one of my internet contacts to experience new love. She is much younger than me, only 160 cm tall with long brown hair. One morning in bed she talked about the possibility to practice my naked wanderlust in her hometown. Michelle also volunteered to take photographs but was too shy to do it naked. As already explained in Right Time Right Place we only had to start early enough on a Sunday morning in order to avoid running into a lot of people. And so we did at 05:00 a.m. 

One certainly needs balls to do a sightseeing tour like this.

With the camerawoman being fully dressed and me being the barefoot one in the buff we walked from her flat through the streets and up the hill where she made some first nude photos (see below). My bright pink skin was shining in the darkness of the early morning and I felt a fresh breeze. As always I enjoyed my nakedness and was relaxed, not excited at all.

We passed a tower and a city wall. Typical sightseeing one could say. The photo benefits from the low viewpoint, the early morning light, my posing and the contrast between my skin and the dark background (Nude Photos). 

Man rambling naked for sightseeing in the city
Sightseeing – tower and city wall

Up and up the hill the way did go. We met two guys walking their dogs. They looked at the naked one and his attractive young photographer girl and probably wondered what the hell is going on here.

The second posing was close to the top of the hill. Beautiful sunlight on my skin, yellow forsythias and shadows on the footpath in the back. Once again this photo benefits from the low viewpoint and the lovely sunlight.

Man rambling naked in the city for sightseeing
Sunlight on my skin

The final destination of our little excursion was an overlook on top of the hill, where we enjoyed the gorgeous view over the town. Not sure about webcams in this area. My sheerness posing in the fore, stairs leading down the hill to the city. This photo benefits from the scenery and from a higher viewpoint, that enables a detailed view on the city.

Man rambling naked in city sightseeing at overlook
Stunning overlook in the raw

Back home, Michelle spoiled me as a reward for our little adventure. After the fuck she played with me a bit, massaged my balls and gave me a hand job (see pictures: Naked in the City)

This post is part of Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

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