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Little Walk Around a Village

Bare man in cornfield close to village

May is a month of joy and therefore I decided to visit girlfriend Anja in Germany. Anja is much younger than I am, only 165 cm tall and very pretty with long curly blond hair. After making love we talked about my wanderlust. I heard that in Germany rambling clothes free is quite popular and Anja was excited to join me and make photographs.

Very early next morning we drove with our motorbikes to a village close by which is famous for its church. The weather was sunny with temperatures around 10°C. We parked our machines on a small dirt road above the village. I took my clothes off and stored them in the trunk, whereas Aja was too shy to do the same. But anyway she looked sexy in her tight black leather clothing and boots. As mentioned before I prefer not to wear anything at all when I am rambling in my birthday suite. No socks, no shoes, no backpack, no hat … nothing (Suitable Clothes).

Here at the starting point of our walk Anja asked me to pose for the first photographs. You can get a glimpse of the pink red early morning sky in the pictures below. Obviously, I enjoyed myself and did not feel cold at all.

We walked around the village, which lasted for about an hour. It was so early that we met only a few people – a farmer on a tractor, two joggers and some pedestrians from afar. Of course they looked at me, but my nakedness did not seem to bother them at all. They laughed and and probably they found it funny that the man was the naked one with the woman taking photographs of him and not the other way round.
The next photo stop was after 10 minutes, when we crossed a green meadow.

Towards the end of our walk around the village it had became sunnier and warmer. The smell of spring was in the air, I felt a fresh breeze on my skin and the sun provided a beautiful light for a final photo stop. 

This post is part of Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

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