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Whenever Wherever Au Naturel

Whenever wherever I am au naturel in summer. At home, in hotels, in my garden, in the mountains, at the sea and abroad. Hiking, swimming, exercising, sunbathing, sleeping, sightseeing and even driving.

Therefore, you are probably very surprised to see me fully dressed on the title photo of this post. But not for long …

Well, my first naked walk in June was spontaneous. On a beautiful sunny afternoon I visited this lovely lake in Austria and spontaneously decided to take all my clothes off and leave them in the grass (please refer to Suitable Clothes). This is a very common behavior for my kind of nudism. It is spontaneous and not planned. It is natural following my mood and not artificial.

Barefoot and in my birthday suite I enjoyed the sun and the warm breeze on my skin. Lovely! Splendid! As always I felt relaxed and free. 

You may notice that the position from where the title photo and the first photo below were taken is identical. This is because I used a tripod (please refer to Nude Photos).

Bare man
In my birthday suit

I started a short walk all around the lake. Close to the village that you can see on the picture above I met a few people bathing in the lake and I joined them to skinny-dip. My nakedness did not seem to bother them at all although they were not clothes free themselves. Swimming naked is one of the best feelings in the world and I do it as often as I can. 

After the skinny-dip I felt refreshed and continued on the loop around the lake until I came back to where I left my clothes in the grass.

Bare man in front of a lake
Little walk around the lake

My second walk was a little bit longer and lasted for about two hours. It was a very special excursion, because I decided to drive naked to the starting point, where I arranged via internet to meet a sportive young guy who was interested to meet me taking photographs. Please refer to Driving Naked to have a look at the corresponding pictures that were taken on this occasion. No shoes, no clothes … just me in my birthday suite and the car.

The sky was blue and the sun burnt on my skin. Temperatures above 30°C and I was sweating despite of being nude.

I crossed the field that you can see on the picture below and walked on the hay.

Bare man on a field with hay
Hot sun on my skin

I passed a corn field, crossed a small wooden bridge and walked along a private garden, where I ran into one of the owners – an elderly woman who was busy with gardening. First she stared at me as if I was an alien and then she tried to ignore me.

Bare man in front of a cornfield
Pink skin in front of a cornfield
Close-up of bare man

After hiking I laid in the back of my car posing and tempting the photographer to join me (see picture below). 
This was anyway what he came for. Immediately after this last photo he took his clothes off in order to do some intensive exercises with me.

Bare man laying in car tempting the photographer
Tempting the photographer

This post is part of the series Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

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