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Trapped in a Forest

Sitting before a hut in the forest

In November I visited Poland. It was a business trip but I had the weekend off. Since I wanted to practice my wanderlust, I searched the internet for someone to accompany me. I didn’t have much lead time and so only found a group of four men, who volunteered to join me.

On Saturday afternoon we drove in their car to an uninhabited area with endless forests, which is far away from my accommodation. I was sandwiched between two portly men who kept patting me in the back seat while driving. Looking back, I should have tried to escape and complete the adventure, but I love being touched and petted. When we finally arrived at our destination, we drove deep into the forest on a forest path and parked the car.

They filmed me taking my clothes off. One by one I put in the trunk until I was barefoot in my birthday suit so that we started to hike. The weather was cloudy with temperatures around 12°C. After an hour of hiking I started to feel cold and tired and asked to return to the car. They laughed at me and replied that unless I built them a small wooden hut, they would not take me home, and that the work would surely make me warmer. It took me another hour to build the hut shown in the pictures.

Next I had to kneel on the cold, muddy ground, lie on my back or my stomach and let all four men use me extensively, filmed in close-up. It was evening before all four were satisfied for now. My whole body was scratched, aching and covered in mud when we walked back.

During the drive back I was not allowed to put my clothes back on and they blindfolded me while I was squeezed between them in the back seat. Of course, they didn’t want to miss out on having fun on the return trip either. They drove to a large detached old house which we reached in complete darkness. In the meantime they had invited other friends over the phone. I couldn’t see how many there were because I was blindfolded. But there must have been quite a few, because it took all night and the next day until everyone had satisfied their lust for me.

This post is part of the series Twelve Naked Months Around Europe

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