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Nude in a French Vineyard

Nude in a French vineyard

During a holiday in France together with my girlfriend Marie, we visited some wineries, did wine tasting and bought a lot of white wine.

On a sunny June day I decided to explore one of the vineyards in my birthday suit. I pulled off the main road onto a dirt track into a vineyard, parked the car, stripped to the buff, and began exploring the vineyard.

Unlike most of the other posts on this blog, you may notice that my pubic hair is shaven. This is because Marie likes it better that way, especially when making love. So she did the shaving of my pubic hair by herself just during the night before. Of course Maries body is also shaven and not just the pubic hair.
Marie was also the one who took all the photos in this post. She is thirty years younger than me, tall and very pretty with long blond hair. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to take her own clothes off as well. At least she only wore a light blouse and shorts with nothing underneath.

First we followed a grass path. It was wonderful to feel the grass under my feet and the gentle breeze and the warm sunshine on my bare skin. Nudity is really fun and I took my time to enjoy. Sometimes we walked right between the vines as well, and sometimes we walked on a narrow asphalt road. Overall, the walk with photo breaks took about two hours.

On the first three pictures you can see some of the paths and roads that we followed. The vines were already large and had many leaves. The air was clear and visibility was good.

Bare man in a French vineyard
Nice bum

We met a few tourists close to the village that you can see below. Their eyes widened when they saw me. Marie giggled. Then they laughed and said hello. Many more people must have seen us, but I did not care. France seems to be very tolerant of nudism – at least I didn’t have any problems. 

In the last three pictures I have fun posing in front of Marie’s camera with all the wine and the village in the background.

Bare man in French vineyard
In my Birthday Suit in a French Vineyard close to a Village

Back in the hotel room, Marie regretted that she didn’t undress as well. But then she was all the more active in bed to reward me for my courage (see pictures here: Stark Naked in a French Vineyard)

This post is part of the series Naked Abroad.

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