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Skinny Dipping

Man skinny dipping

It was very hot in July this year and so instead of hiking naked I decided to go skinny dipping. My girlfriend at the time was immediately hooked and insisted on taking two of her friends joining us. The more the merrier so I didn’t mind.

The three friends were quite different. The youngest was in her thirties, German, tall, slim, and athletic with short blond hair. The oldest was American, in her fifties, fair skinned, short, fat and funny with curly red hair. Plus my girlfriend, a dark-skinned African woman, forty-two, corpulent, very enterprising and savvy in bed.

So we all drove together by car to a nearby natural lake. It was really very hot and so we were all clothes free in no time. The three knew each other from an English speaking regular table. All three are very funny. After a Prosecco or two it got funnier by a power of ten.

At some point, the three ladies came up with the idea of taking nude photos, because the American, whom I didn’t know before, had brought her camera. The three quickly agreed that enough nude photos of women exist so that I had to pose for them. I didn’t mind because I had something to watch, too, because we were all in our birthday suit … except for the camera.

With lots of giggling, one after the other the ladies tried their hand at photography and they all gave instructions on how to pose. I had to strike the most incredible and extreme poses. Giggling enthusiastically, detailed shots were also taken with reference to documentation requirements. The laughter became particularly loud when the American announced. that from now on my buttocks should be the one and only focus of photographic interest. In total, hundreds of photos must have been taken, of which I only received a few – see below.

The photo session ended abruptly when my girlfriend was asked to pose with me and started doing naughty things. Immediately the other two wanted to join in and I was overjoyed being the object of everyone’s desire.

This post belongs to the series Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

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