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What can happen if you lose at Strip Poker

Bare man in Biberach with town sign

In August I visited a friend in southern Germany. She is a dominatrix, short and strong with many tattoos and piercings, short black hair, and always very strict with me.

One night she invited a second couple to our house and we played strip poker. I remember the woman was young and exceptionally pretty with a beautiful face, long black hair, a slim and petite body with pale white skin. In the course of the evening I should notice that not only my girlfriend’s body was completely shaved.

We would sit in a circle playing poker, male and female taking turns, so that each man sat between two women and each woman between two men. As soon as you lost a poker game, you had to lie down on a mattress with your arms over your head. Then the light was switched off for a few minutes and during this time both neighbors from the circle had to take off the next piece of your clothing. Of course there was a lot of laughter and not just undressing, but above all a lot of touching and exploring the loser’s body with fingertips, lips and tongue, especially when it came to the underwear.

While my girlfriend kept winning, I lost five of the first seven rounds of strip poker. The ladies took off my socks first, then my shirt and jeans. I received many pats and kisses on my belly, belly button, chest and nipples as my singlet was removed. Finally it was so far that my underpants were slowly taken off. I received a lovely handjob (see pictures here: What can happen when you lose at strip poker).

Then my girlfriend sat down on my face while the beautiful cutie tenderly spoiled my dingdong with her mouth and tongue. I was bursting loud with lust.

So that we could continue playing a little longer, we agreed on a final tightening. If you were already in the buff and lost another round of poker, you had to walk barefoot and in your birthday suit o the outskirts and let the others take your picture with the town sign.

Now the game ran better for me. My friend was stripped of three pieces of clothing and was now only wearing panties and bra. The other couple was soon just as naked as me. You won’t believe how much I enjoyed licking this cute baby’s shaved body, tongue working until she cried out in pleasure

Then it happened and I lost another poker game. It was already past midnight and so we decided to wait until it was light enough outside to take some good nude photos of me. Until then, we continued to enjoy and love each other. I climaxed twice, but in turn made sure that the sweet little cutie had many more. By the end she was drenched in sweat.

It was getting light outside. Thankfully, my girlfriend’s apartment wasn’t too far from the outskirts of town … only about half a mile. The other three went ahead and waited for me at the town sign. It was six o’clock on a Sunday morning and hardly anyone was out at that early hour. Only a few pedestrians and drivers saw me walking barefoot in my birthday suit though the streets from my girlfriend’s apartment to the outskirts of town.

Arrived, I was greeted with a happy smile and all three were allowed to take their own photo of me with the town sign. Below and as title you can see those photos.

What I hadn’t thought of – for better or for worse, I had to go back the same way I came. Half an hour had now passed and there were more pedestrians and motorists on the road. On the market place a family felt harassed and made trouble, but I just ran away.

Bare man in Biberach at town sign
… in Biberach

This post belongs to the series Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

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