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Clothes Free on a Railway Line

Bare man on a railway line

Have you ever gone to a train station in order to take off your clothes? I did this on a foggy day in October. However, it was a small train station on a branch line and it was early on a Sunday morning. No one was out except a few joggers.

But one after another. I had it in my head that I must walk in my birthday suite on a track bed. So I looked for a railway line in Google Maps that I thought was suitable for this purpose. Now all that was missing was someone to document it photographically. As before I found someone on the Internet. This time it was Elisabeth, a sixty-year-old lady, 160 cm tall, fat, with glasses, brown hair and a permanent wave. She was obviously excited to spend a day with a bare man and seemed to be expecting something more.

I picked her up by car at the agreed meeting point and we drove to the train station. Upon arrival I first showed Elisabeth how to use my camera and what to look out for when taking pictures.

Finally, we got out of the car. There was no one to be seen. So I took all my clothes off and left them in the car. From the moment I started to undress, Elisabeth never took her eyes off me. You could literally feel her desire. Apparently she hadn’t seen a bare man face to face for a very long time.

Once in the raw, I walked to the track bed and followed it away from the train station. I tried not to step on the sharp gravel stones with my bare feet and to move as much as possible on the concrete sleepers. The weather was foggy with temperatures around 10°C.

Now the photo session could start … next to the track, in the track bed, font view, back view, bending, sitting on the rails and even lying in the track bed. Close-ups, overview shots … Elisabeth really wanted to do it all and I had some fun as well.

Then we walked a little further before we turned into the forest and walked for several kilometers on lonely forest paths. We walked past cliff faces, on narrow paths, on a wooden bridge over a small stream, between the trees and in clearings. Elisabeth made nude photos of me simply everywhere. One or the other jogger came by. We said hello and they looked a little funny but didn’t want to be stopped.

Elisabeth was getting more and more impatient and turned on. In a clearing it was too much for her to bear. She just served herself ruthlessly with both hands grabbed my family jewels and started sucking me hard. She did extremely well and I loved it. After I was sufficiently aroused, she pulled her skirt up and revealed she was wearing nothing underneath. I took her from behind and immediately she started to moan loudly. It took me a few minutes to come and by that time she climaxed two times. I thought that should be enough for now. So we walked back to the car. Other cars parked there in the meantime, so we hurried to drive home quickly. I didn’t put on my jeans and underpants, because she asked to spend a little more time with my dick and family jewels on the drive back. She did this so well, that I had to pull over twice and stop, otherwise I couldn’t take it anymore.

This post is part of the series Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

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