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Across the Fields and into the Forest

In the buff

Summer is not only a season go swimming (Skinny Dipping in July). Due to the pleasant temperatures and the long daylight it is the ideal season ideal for hiking clothes free.

It was a sunny day in August when I was visiting my friend Ute. She is about 170cm tall with a pretty face, 55 years old with long straight hair and a slim body. She is a woman who laughs a lot, open to new experiences, ideal for having fun together. Over the years we’ve visited each other several times and made love with each other.

Ute agreed without hesitation when I suggested a nude hike together. For the sake of simplicity, we started straight from her house on the outskirts of the village. We were both barefoot in our birthday suite. I was carrying a small backpack with my camera, something to eat and drink.

First we hiked for an hour over wide, harvested fields, where we took nude photos of each other. Afterwards we went deep into a large forest area. At first we were hiking on forest paths, where we took more nude photos of each other. I quickly realized that Ute was particularly interested in my bum that day.

After three hours of hiking we reached the end of the forest area and came back to agricultural land, where another photo session took place during which I tried to turn her on, as can be seen on the pictures below.

Eventually we got back home where we made love with each other until early next morning.

This post belongs to the series Twelve Naked Months Around Europe.

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