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Nude on Gotland – Day 2: Naked “on the rocks”

After my daily night shift in the bedrooms of the three others, I still felt surprisingly fit that day. Apparently, this type of nightly fitness training is very healthy. You can, of course, counter that I only played a passive role in this endlessly repetitive in and out. Just something inside me felt a little stretched and sore.

On our second day on Gotland we decided to do some sightseeing. For our trip we chose Asundens Raukfält, a well-known tourist attraction on Gotland, to see “Raukar”. Raukar are limestone pillars up to 10 meters high.

To get there we had to use our van. Driving Naked? Not a problem in Gotland at this time of the year, at least early in the morning. We didn’t meet a single car (!) on the trip and the famous sightseeing location was deserted.

The weather couldn’t have been better that day. Blue skies and pleasant temperatures for rambling naked. We hiked from Raukar to Raukar, climbing on some of them, splishing and splashing through the sea including splashing each other. In short, we had a lot of fun together.

What a sight – divine gaze upwards

Back in our holiday bungalow we sunbathed before we had fish for dinner.

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