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Nude on Gotland – Day 4: Sunbathing on Fisherboats

Naked man showing his cock stretches on a bench on Gotland

After the long, strenuous hike from the day before, we took it easy today. Get up late, have a leisurely breakfast and then walk the few meters to the sea around noon. It was another sunny day with comfortable temperatures to be naked. We looked for a quiet place to sunbathe. This time we walked in the opposite direction as on the first day and after 10 minutes we came to a place with benches and fishing boats, which proved to be ideal for our purposes. You could sit and lie on or in the boats and benches, and splash around in the sea.

Since not much happened that day I would like to report something about my experiences with anal sex.

To be able to fuck someone anally you must have a really hard cock and be very horny. And you need a lot of lubricant. Otherwise it won’t work – you can’t push it in that thing. Leon, Magnus and Richard had no problem with that. Theirs was always stiff and they could even cum multiple times a day.

For the one who fucks, it feels very warm and wet in the hole. The friction does the rest and the temperature can get really hot when you fuck intensely. Since it is tighter and firmer anally than vaginally a good feeling builds up quite quickly. When pushing back there is a pulling on the glans. The cock is milked more rigorously and you cum earlier. At least that is my expierience.

For the one being fucked, it feels very uncomfortable at first. Even painful. Like an examination of the postata at the urologist. The better you are able to relax, the less it hurts.
Stretching the anus hurts less than the cock inside and its contact with the prostate. Feels like being stuffed alive. A very intense feeling. You have to get used to that. But if you get fucked more often, it goes away quickly, at least for me.

The length and especially the thickness of the cock that fucks you determines how painful it is to be fucked. In my opinion, Magnus has a short skinny one and Richard an average one. No problem at all getting fucked by such cocks.

Leon on the other hand has a monster cock – very long and very thick. A real battering ram. That was a huge problem for me and extremely painful, especially at the beginning. I can be glad that I didn’t get a fissure. But Leon was cautious, at least on the first day, and heeded my whining and cries of pain. Due to our high fuck frequency, this problem was quickly solved and I could really enjoy being fucked. Lovely prostate massage for me 🙂

After a few days, my anus became a large hole that remained open. Magnus now had the problem that his cock hardly had any friction when he fucked me and I was too wide for him. He complained accordingly and began looking for an alternative.

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