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Nude on Gotland – Day 5: Coastal hike

Nude man on Gotland showing his ass

I felt better on the fifth day of our holiday on Gotland. My travel companions’ interest in fucking me at night seemed to decrease and I got more sleep. In addition, not only did my interest turn more and more to Leon, but he also did his part by strutting around like a rooster and striking provocative poses. So far there have only been covetous looks at his buttocks, but I’m sure something will happen soon.

Later in the morning we went on another coastal hike.

Naked on the cliffs

This time we walked further away from our holiday bungalow than usual, at least two hours. Finally we reached a lonely bay, but we did not climb down the cliffs to reach it. But it looked very interesting to me. As a reward for the others, they were also allowed to fuck me at this point. Fucking with a gorgeous view on the coastline.

Back home a miracle happened. After fucking me, to my great surprise, Leon started sucking my cock. I was excited. My cock wasn’t used to it anymore and after 30 seconds it was squirting and Leon got the full load in his mouth, but he bravely swallowed it.

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