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About this Blog

In this blog I would like to give you an idea about how it is being naturally naked outdoors from my private point of view:

  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Experiences and stories
  • Recommendations
  • Private nude photos taken at various locations around the world and showing my own naked body

I have been doing outdoor activities in my birthday suit since 2010. Thousands of pictures were taken and I would like to show you an excerpt here in this blog.

Cropped pictures
At the moment you will notice that many pictures on this blog are cropped and do not show my genitals. The uncropped pictures can be seen on my other blog
I’m going to change that and revise post by post on this blog and include the uncut images.

My motivation
I have to admit to being an exhibitionist. I love my naked body and imagining other people looking at it. The more viewers, the better. And if I’m honest, I would even show myself naked to others live, of course without violating any laws and if it were “safe” for me to do so.
On many occasions (when traveling, hiking), at particularly beautiful or unusual locations (sights, vantage points), I suddenly feel a strong desire to strip naked and take photos of my nudity. The prerequisite is that nobody is in sight and it is not to be expected that I can be disturbed and run into trouble.
In addition there are excitement, fun, adrenaline, and desire. I enjoy the feeling to be naked outdoors and love naturism.
Furthermore, it is also of interest to me to document how my body changes as I get older.

Fiction and non-fiction
At this point, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that currently all stories on this blog are pure fiction. Actually, they are sex fantasies and none of these sex adventures actually happened.
In fact, all of the older images were taken by myself using a tripod. Newer pictures were taken by my wife. Not a single picture was taken by anyone else – not even in the presence of anyone else.
Even the location I give in my stories is often wrong. I am German so many photos were taken in Germany. I live in Portugal, so future photos will come from there. In addition, many photos come from trips, e.g. to Gotland.
I will be changing that too and revising post by post. This may last for weeks, even months.
The fictional sex stories will remain to be available on my other blog, So if you like them, they are not lost, new ones will be written and you are very welcome to read them.

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