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Right Time Right Place

Nudism in Biberach an der Riß

You may be wondering what is the right time and place to strip naked outdoors. If you have the balls, don’t worry about time and place. Just do it, it’s cool.

Most of my nude photos are spontaneous. During a nice walk or a long-distance hike, I spot a beautiful location and suddenly feel the urge to strip naked. Then I take a quick look around and if it’s possible without causing a public nuisance I immediately start to take my clothes off. My wife already knows what’s going on when, instead of taking pictures myself, I get restless and look around in all directions.

Other of my nude photos are planned. Most of the time, this happens when I get it in my head that I must take photos at a sight, a viewpoint, or some other high-traffic location.
Then I chose a suitable day of the week, sometimes get up before sunrise, already dressed appropriately for stripping naked and am there before anyone else.

Right Time
The best light for photography is morning and afternoon.
In general, early morning is the best time if you want to avoid observers or plan to strip naked at tourist attractions, in cities, or other crowded places. In some northern countries there is (almost) 24 hours of daylight in summer.

The title photo of this post is a planned picture that was taken early in the morning on a Sunday in July in Biberach (Germany) using a self-timer and a tripod.

Nude man at the town sign of Biberach an der Riß showing his cock and balls
Naked at a German town sign – planned picture that was taken very early on a Sunday morning in July using a self-timer and a tripod.
Nude man in the snow showing his genitals at the B30 close to Mettenberg
Naked on a German autobahn – planned picture that was taken by my wife at sunrise on a Sunday in March

In Spain, Portugal and other countries, beaches and tourist attractions are practically deserted in winter and crowded in summer. You can stroll along an empty beach in the Algarve in winter without meeting anyone. In summer, on the other hand, the distance between sunbathing tourists at the same beach is less than a meter. Countless nude photos of myself on the beach in Portugal are currently taken in winter.
By the way … bad weather may also help if an area is normally busy.

Right Place
There are hiking trails and skinny-dip areas dedicated to nudists. Some hotels and apartment dwellings have specialized on nudists. It has become a big business. In some areas people are more tolerant than in others, if they meet you naked.
In Scandinavia, Alentejo (Portugal) but also in other countries, there is wide unoccupied land, wild and free, ideal for rambling naked.
Lakes and rivers are lovely places for this hobby. Same as mountains and forests.
If you want to be on the safe side I recommend to check the place before you strip. Sometimes I use Google Maps to scrutinize the area and identify the best paths and places. In cities you should watch out for webcams and avoid them. 
In some instances you only need to step a few meters away from hiking trails to be safe from clashing into somebody.


Nude man in vineyard showing his cock and balls
Nude in a vineyard in Alsace – spontaneous picture that was taken with a self-timer and a tripod in June around lunchtime
Nude man on a railway line in Germany showing his penis
Naked on a train track in Germany – planned picture that was taken with self-timer and tripod at sunrise. I carefully selected this place beforehand using Google Maps.

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