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Male Nude Photography

Nude man showing his penis and testicles

Do not be shy. I really want to encourage you to take nude photos of yourself. Believe me it’s cool. There is no need to make thousands like I did. But you should definitely give it a try.

Purpose of nude photos
The purpose of taking photos is either to have a souvenir, to create art, or to share them with others.

Nude photos as souvenirs and for documentation purposes
Photos of your naked body are a nice souvenir of your adventures. They help you remember the time, place, circumstances, and most importantly, what you looked like when the photo was taken. I have created several photo books with my photos – they look great on the bookshelf and I can show them to visitors.
A good photographer and professional equipment are not required.
Such photos do not even need to be aesthetic.
If you look at such a nude photo of yourself, you may recall how you felt when it was taken – hopefully pleasant.

Nude photos as art
A good or even professional photographer is mandatory, if the photos of your naked body are intended to be art. Professional equipment can support.
The photo should be technically perfect.
Your pose is extremely important, same as light, background and ambience.
Such photos are often abstract, graphic, and aesthetic.

Nude photos taken to share with others
You’re probably an exhibitionist if the main purpose of photographing your naked body is to share these photos with others, especially if your genitals are exposed in the pictures.
Self-infatuation with your naked body and a certain inclination towards sex are a prerequisite for these types of photos. Therefore, such images are often explicit and show your genitals.
I’m a self-confessed exhibitionist and imagining how other people look at pictures of my naked body, cock, balls and buttocks is a strong motivator for me. The more viewers, the better.

The photographer
First of all, your photographer should be reliable. Second, he or she should know how to take good photos and, in addition to taking photos, protect you and be aware of possible risks.
Simply ask someone you trust, such as a relative or friend. If you don’t dare and would rather be anonymous, you can also try to look for someone on a suitable Internet platform, such as a dating platform.
I recommend that the photographer use your camera instead of their own. This gives you better control over how the photos are used.
A completely different and very viable option is to use a tripod and your camera’s self-timer.

And how about the photos on this blog?
It depends on. Older photos were taken with self-timer using a tripod. For spontaneous photos while hiking, I used a small pocket tripod, which I also use for macro photography and photographing flowers. For planned photos I used a normal tripod.
All recent photos on this blog were taken solely by my wife.

Nudes benefit from a beautiful setting, a good pose, an exciting camera angle (e.g. low angle), and good lighting.
Preferably, you should be naked, literally, when posing. No hat, no clothes, no socks, no shoes, no nothing.

Sometimes it is worth editing your photos. Here is an example of the effects that can be achieved.

Illustration examples
All of the following photos illustrate what I meant with

“You should be naked, literally, when posing”

1.) Flooded by light

Nude man in the forrest showing his genitals (Lautertal, Germany)
Flooded by light

The picture above was taken on an early morning in March (5°C).
Location: “Lautertal” in the southern part of Germany.
I really love how my contours and body hair are shimmering in the sunlight.
As a result of the low camera perspective my cock and balls are placed in the centre of the frame. The picture illustrates how self-timer and tripod can be used. It is a photo that was taken to be shared with others but also includes some art aspects.

2.) Hot and sexy in ice and snow

Nude man in the snow showing his penis and testis
“Hot and sexy in ice and snow”

The picture above was taken in January at -10°C. The location is a frozen lake named “Roter Weiher” close to the village of “Erlenmoos” in Southern Germany. The contrast between nudity and snow makes the photo an eye-catcher. I really love the red color of my cold skin in all the ice, fog and snow. The picture was taken using a self-timer and tripod. The attractive low camera perspective puts my hairy penis in the centre of the photograph.

3.) Naked bum on railway line

Nude man's buttocks on railway track in Hitzkofen, Germany
“Naked bum on railway line”

The picture above was taken close to the small village of “Hitzkofen” (Germany) in October using self-timer and tripod. It draws its appeal from the location on the railroad tracks, the foggy weather and the loneliness. It includes some art aspects but was taken with the intention to be shared with others.

4.) Freezing naked egg in the winter sun

Nude man showing his cock and balls close to Maria Steinbach in Germany
“Freezing male nude in the winter sun”

The picture above was taken above the river “Iller” close to the German village of Maria Steinbach. It is particularly appealing for the sunshine and beautiful scenery. A typical photo taken as souvenir. Once again a self-timer and tripod were used.

5.) Bare skin on stones

Nude man on Gotland showing his cock and balls
“Bare skin on stones”

The picture above was taken in June on Gotland using a self-timer and tripod. Although not originally intended as art, it is abstract and captivates with the contrast of the surfaces of bare skin and the stony beach. The scenery is breathtaking.

6.) Adonis’ adoration of the sun

Nude mans buttocks at sunrise in ice and snow
“Adonis’ adoration of the sun”

The picture above was taken by my wife at temperatures around -5°C in March. The location is next to the B30 autobahn close to the small village of Mettenberg, Germany. Although the main purpose of this picture is to be shared with others, it also includes some art aspects due to the lovely colors and the contrast between naked skin, ice, snow and sun. The combination of nudity and the colorful sunrise are a feast for the eyes

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How do you like these photos? I am very happy about any comment or discussion between visitors.

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