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Nude Motorist Fun Revisited… in the Snow

Nude motorist in the snow

I hope you enjoyed my Nude Motorist Fun photo session because here is a very similar one. Once again featuring our car as the main actor, me as a supporting actor and my wife as the photographer.

It was an uncomfortably icy and foggy day in mid-February. Ideal conditions for taking nude photos, at least if you want to capture them at a tourist attraction in the middle of the day and not be disturbed. The tourist attraction is the holy mountain “Bussen” in Upper Swabia, a place of pilgrimage and at the same time the highest mountain in Upper Swabia.

I’m naked… stark naked… barefoot… in the snow… and yet I’m smiling and having fun. It’s actually worth adding that we previously did another nude photo shoot in the same location – just me in the snow with the “Bussen” as the background. Just before we wanted to drive back, we had the idea to take a few photos with the car. After all this time, my skin is already very red from the cold.

Cold driver

Finally I managed to take all the nude photos at sub-zero temperatures in ice and snow. So here are a couple of victory photos of me as the grand finale.

This is what winners look like

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