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Nude Motorist Fun

Stark naked car driver in Germany

You may not believe it but you can drive your car in your birthday suit as illustrated in the three pictures below. You just have to close the door.

Stark naked car driver in Germany

Nude motorist

Well I’ll leave it to your imagination if I was really driving naked…

Anyway, the pictures show that we had a lot of fun during a photo session with our car as the main actor, me as a supporting actor and my wife as the photographer.

The pictures were taken end of June in southern Germany on a field path next to a country road. The weather was muggy and hot. If you take a closer look at the photos, you will see that my body is glistening and dripping with sweat. What else should I take off so that feel less hot… or is it me… am I such a hot act?

I have to tell you that a car is a horny photo object and always wants to be the center of attention, although I gave my best to at least draw a few glances at myself.

First, I play a bouncer in the truest sense of the word and allow you as the viewer an unhindered view of my front, including interesting details between my legs. From what I explained to you in my post Nude Photography, in the photos I am as naked as can be.

Naked bouncer

Next, some photos of me getting into my car. Don’t worry, I’m not getting in to end this post, but to give you a nice view of my butt. The car was really useful for posing nude as I could do a variety of poses to show you different parts of my body. The left photo below is being quite daring. But it was this photo in particular that really made my wife horny.

A car allows for a nice pose …when entering

From now on, she’s made my butt the main subject by making me look for something inside the car. Incidentally, I think my hanging thingies were also well staged… especially in the bottom of the four pictures.

A car allows for a nice pose …when searching for something inside

To push it to the extreme, my wife also took a few close-ups, in case you couldn’t see everything clearly in the photos beforehand. A wonderful butt.

It is strictly forbidden
to look closely at the hanging thingies above

Even when I lay down in the car to take a little nap, this offered an interesting photo motif, I think. So you don’t have to stand yourself or allow certain appendages to do so.

A car allows for …having a nap … and nothing stands

At the end we take a few naked photos of me sitting or lying in the trunk and obviously having fun.

A car is made for …transporting something in the trunk

Please also check out my post Nude Motorist Fun Revisited… in the Snow.

I hope you enjoyed this photo session as much as I did both in taking the photos and composing the images. I would appreciate your feedback and comments on this post.

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