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Clothing to strip naked – sexy thong underwear

Man strips to the buff and opens the zip of his panties

If you’re planning on stripping naked and posing for photos, consider wearing something sexy instead of those old-fashioned underwear…
… you may also consider to shave your strategic weapons a little bit like I did for the photos in this post.

Old fashioned underwear

However, I have to admit that in the end it’s the result that counts… and that’s your naked body.

Nude body with shaved penis

For a male striptease, I recommend wearing sexy thong underwear as shown in the pictures below.
I particularly like this nifty example with a zipper that allows you to show off more and more of your pecker and crown jewels while there are better alternatives for showing off your butt.

Or how about this golden thong, which shows off your butt cheeks very nicely? However, as you can see in the pictures, you have to be very careful that the thong sits correctly and that nothing peeps out cheekily, especially if you are excited and the thong is full to bursting.

A third suggestion is this white thong, which is particularly suitable for presenting your butt, as it frames it nicely and doesn’t hide anything. Both from the front and from behind, however, it may also happen here that your crown jewels and other treasures peep out cheekily.

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