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Male Striptease in Upper Swabia

Man strips naked outdoors in Upper Swabia

This photo session is about me stripping naked in the fields against the backdrop of a village in Upper Swabia (Southern Germany). This was a planned photo session as I always wanted to document my striptease photographically. I also thought it was sexier then being naked right away from the beginning. It creates a certain tension when I show you my naked body little by little.

My wife acted as a photographer. I had chosen the location on Google Maps beforehand as I wanted to have a village in the background.

With this weather nobody seems to be outside and around. It’s actually a pity, because I have nothing against viewers, at least if they’re interested in seeing a naked man. But maybe someone from the village is watching me with binoculars. An exciting idea, I think.

I wear normal everyday clothes. Adapted to the winter weather, of course. To be more precise, six pieces of clothing plus socks and loafers. Nobody who sees me like that would think that I want to do a striptease. But that was what was so appealing to me. I feel breathless and excited imagining what I’m going to do in the next 30 minutes. I want to undress slowly and give my wife the opportunity to take lots of photos.

This was fun and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. As always I appreciate any comments.

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