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Naked January: In the snow on a frozen lake

Male nude in the snow showing his penis and testis in Germany

The photographs in this post were taken as part of a project where I systematically took nude photos of myself outdoors every single month of the calendar year.

January is the coldest month of the year in the northern hemisphere. This makes it very difficult to ramble naked … you definitely have to have balls!

In Google Maps I chose a small lake called “Roter Weiher” (= “Red Lake”) for my nude photo session in January. It is located near the small village of Erlenmoos in the district “Upper Swabia”, Southern Germany. The temperatures were around -10°C and there was quite a lot of snow on the ground. So, as an exception, in addition to jeans and a fleece jacket, I also put on a winter coat, gloves and a scarf before I drove to Erlenmoos by car.

From the parking lot I hiked to the “Red Lake”. On the way I seriously considered giving up because not only was the weather extremely cold with lots of snow, but it was also cloudy and foggy which added to the cold feeling. On the other hand, since I love being naked in the open air, I felt an exhilaration at being stark naked under the circumstances before long. In this weather, of course, nobody was out there except me.

When I arrived at the “Red Lake” I found out that it was completely frozen, covered with ice and snow. I set up my camera on a tripod, selected the picture section, used the self-timer and took a test photo of myself … still fully clothed.
After the test photo met my expectations, I spread a blanket I had brought with me on the snow and began to strip naked while standing on it. First I took off my winter coat, then my shoes and socks. As I began to open the zip and take off my jeans, the freezing cold immediately grabbed at my exposed genitals in an icy grip. My penis tried to make itself as small as possible to give the cold less surface to attack. I unzipped my fleece jacket and took it off as well. As I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I was now stark naked and my skin immediately began to turn red.
Can you imagine at all how it feels to be naked under these weather conditions? It was even hard to breathe. The cold air was biting with sharp teeth into my skin … everywhere … including my cock and balls. Everything was aching. The cold went through and though to the inside of my body.

But I had to push myself one more time and walk barefoot from the protection of my blanket into the snow to take the nude photos that I came for. I activated the self-timer of my camera with a lead time of 10 seconds, ran quickly to the spot in the snow that I had used for the test photo and posed for the first photo. Then I ran back to the camera, pressed the self-timer again and so on until I had taken enough photos. I love the contrast between the snow and my cold red skin in the pictures below. It just seems unreal that someone could be standing stark naked in the snow.

In the following pictures I have modified my skin color. However, I think the color in the above pictures is more natural as my skin is naturally pale and has become red from the cold.

More photos were taken during a short walk along the lake on a forrest road. Look how the power shovel is covered with snow. The temperature was hard to resist. I did not feel my feet anymore and the color of my skin turned into purple. With my right hand I am checking, if my penis is already frozen. Only my body hair keeps me warm. Naked extreme.

If you would like to see more nude photos of me taken in the month of January just have a look at the following post: Male Striptease in Upper Swabia.

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