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Naked February: The holy mountain of Upper Swabia

The photos in this post are part of a project in which I systematically took nude photos of myself outdoors every month of the calendar year.

In order to take the first nude photos of the month, I chose an area at the foot of the mountain “Bussen” on Google Maps bordering a busy road. The photos would show the “Bussen” in the background. My wife would act as a photographer again. In the same photo session, the photos Nude Motorist Fun Revisited… in the Snow were taken.

The “Bussen” is a 767 m high mountain in the district “Upper Swabia” in southern Germany. It is one of the most visited places of pilgrimage in Upper Swabia and an excellent panoramic mountain with a view of the Alps. Sometimes it is referred to as “The Holy Mountain of Upper Swabia”.

Unfortunately, February in southern Germany is sometimes even colder than January (Naked January: In the snow on a frozen lake). On this day it was definitely freezing cold with temperatures well below zero degrees, foggy and there was a lot of snow. My wife helped me undress and we put my clothes in the car.

When I was stark naked, I realized that the temperatures were actually a bit chilly, if I may put it that way. Walking barefoot in the snow isn’t exactly for wimps. But what don’t you do for a few sexy photos.

In the pictures below you can see a lot of bare skin, which has turned red because of the minus temperatures. I think the color looks good in the wide white foggy landscape.

What do you think – on the first six photos I’m actually still dressed quite chastely. Or not? You have to admit that I’m wearing a long, colorful scarf made of alpaca wool. I even have to pull the scarf a bit to the side so you can see what’s hiding behind it.

Okay, you’re right, this blog is about nude photos. So I reluctantly take off my scarf. However, it is a big step from “almost fully dressed” to “scarcely naked”. In order to warm up a bit, I have to do some gymnastics with dumbbells.

Finally without anything. A beautiful back can delight. A little check to see if my sausage is already frozen hard. And a little dance, so that you can see that I enjoyed showing you myself naked in the snow. Being naked outdoors is always fun for me.

Hope you had fun too and enjoyed the pictures. I would be happy about any comment and to receive one or the other “Like”.

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