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Clothing to strip naked

Male nude in Gotland showing his cock and balls

Well, if you want to hike naked – why wear clothes? Let me explain.

Let’s start with the shoes. I recommend wearing sandals or slippers and no socks. They can be taken off very quickly and put on again just as quickly if necessary.

Since I chose the picture section a little more generously, I have to ask you to make sure, at least at the second or third glance, that I am wearing sandals or flip-flops. All photos were taken with a tripod and self-timer. I then always take a control photo to determine the composition of the picture before I strip off. The pictures were taken in Biberach, Steinhausen and in the Lautertal (Germany)

When I plan to strip naked, I only wear a minimum of clothing and this clothing needs to be quick and easy to remove. I recommend you to wear no more than two pieces of clothing and of course no underwear.
It is important that the piece of clothing for your upper body has no buttons, because you should be able to take it off in a few seconds. In cold temperatures you can wear a warm winter coat, down anorak or fleece with a zip, in summer a sweatshirt or t-shirt.
Your trousers must have an elastic band and no belt, buttons or anything similar that could hinder you when you take them off. You should be able to take them off in seconds.
If you follow my recommendations, you can even strip down for nude photos at tourist attractions or other public places. If someone unwanted comes by, you can put both pieces of clothing back on within seconds.

Man is about to strip naked in Biberach, Germany
Male nude showing his cock and balls

Early one morning in April, I had planned to strip naked in this public place in the city of Biberach, Germany. In order to be able to undress and dress again as quickly as possible, I had only put on a fleece jacket, jogging pants and sandals. The pictures were taken with a tripod and self-timer.

Ice and snow
Cold temperatures are usually not a problem for me, even in winter… but only if my outdoor time does not exceed 20-30 minutes.
An exception are my feet, specifically if the ground is frozen or snowed over. Under these circumstances I usually wear shoes. In exceptional cases I go barefoot – see picture below.

Male nude barefoot in the snow showing his buttocks
Barefoot in the snow. Sometimes I overdo it with being naked… in this case shoes would have been appropriate. The picture was taken at “Roter Weiher” (close to the village of Erlenmoos, Germany) on a freezing January day with a tripod and self-timer.

When it’s very cold, I sometimes wear a winter coat over the two pieces of clothing mentioned above…

Although this is a planned nude photo, given the extreme minus temperatures in January, I didn’t know what to do other than wear a warm winter coat, gloves and a scarf over my fleece jacket and jeans. Sandals or slippers also didn’t seem appropriate to me. Luckily I’m not shaved so my cock was protected from freezing by my long and thick pubic hair. The photos were taken at „Roter Weiher“ (close to the village of Erlenmoos, Germany) from a tripod and with a self-timer.

Long distance hiking
I wear running shoes and a backpack whenever I plan to do long distance hiking as can be seen on the picture below, which was taken in March close to Albernoa in Alentejo, Portugal. A cap and sunglasses might also be needed depending on the weather. Nothing else.

Rambling naked close to the village of Albernoa in Alentejo, Portugal. The photo was taken by my wife in March.

Unplanned nudity
If, during a hike, I suddenly feel like stripping naked, the rule with the two pieces of clothing no longer applies. Sometimes I have to take off five oder six pieces of clothing plus socks and hiking boots. Then it takes me a few minutes to get naked, but what should I do when the desire is so strong? Below are a few examples.

The pictures above were taken in June in Gotland. I took off my hiking pants and shirt, underpants, socks and jogging shoes.

The pictures above were taken in June in Rorschwihr, France. I took off my sweater, shirt, undershirt, pants, underpants, socks and jogging shoes.

Once again in Gotland – sometimes I stripped naked several times a day. It felt just too cool to be naked at all these lovely locations.

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Now it’s your turn, my dear reader. Here is my task for you: strip naked outdoors today or tomorrow at the latest and write a comment to this post that you did it.

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