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Feelings and Emotions

Nude man's body, cock and balls

Being naked outdoors gives me very strong feelings and emotions.

It just feels wonderful. No annoying clothes that shield my body from nature and the environment. I feel completely natural, 100% myself.

On the other hand, there is always adrenaline associated with being naked outdoors because of the risk of someone walking by, feeling harassed and calling the police. But it is precisely this adrenaline that gives me a special kick.

I enjoy feeling wind, sun, rain and snow, heat and cold with the entire surface of my skin. Goosebumps guaranteed.
I love feeling grass, asphalt, stones, rocks, sand, mud, water, snow and ice under my bare soles.
The feelings are much more intense and pure. Everything feels so natural.

Look closely at the cover photo for an example. Is it just any naked male body? One in billions? Definitely not, because you are looking at my naked body right now!

Try to put yourself in this body and receive the feelings and emotions in it.
The feelings when this body is exposed to Mother Nature with wind, sun, rain, snow, ice, cold and heat.
The feelings and emotions in that body when touched. Depending on by whom, where, how and with what it is touched. Is it a tender touch of a beautiful woman’s fingers or hair, a hard slap on the buttocks with a cane, or a pinching of the nipples? Is it an inquiring tongue exploring the entire body, square millimeter by square millimeter? Where does this body actually get touched – on the neck, chest, stomach, navel, back, buttocks or in that top-secret area between the thighs? Are the orifices of the body also explored? Is it a caress or even an act of love? Are several people touching this body in different places at the same time or are they observing these touches?

For another example, look at the photo below. Can you imagine that I took this photo while standing barefoot and stark naked in the snow?

Naked sunset
Naked sunset

Try to imagine the feelings and emotions I received through my eyes, my lungs, my bare skin and the soles of my feet. Were they pleasant or unpleasant?

Let me tell you: I really loved it because my feelings and emotions were extreme and exciting. The wonderful light, my complete nudity and the freezing cold. Then there was that car with a young couple who spotted a naked man in the snow and sped across country so they could see exactly what was going on. My heart was in my mouth and believe me, but I’ve never been dressed so quickly before …

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